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Five Things That Don't Happen

1. The Industrial Client is Exposed To Financial Risk
Energy Pro understands companies are reluctant to enter into agreements that commit them to fixed cash outflows. In our business model, Energy Pro accepts total financial risk. Energy Pro charges no up-front fees and our nine-figure investment fund pays for all initiatives.

2. The Industrial Client Loses Decision Making Control
We consider our partnership a collaborative relationship. Together, we deliver a successful outcome. Let's explain collaborate. Collaborate means you control decision-making and judgment processes. We improve, integrate and implement energy management systems. The result: An accelerated delivery of bottom line profitability.

3. Diminished Productivity
Energy improvements at the expense of productivity is unacceptable. Again, you control all decision-making before implementing all recommended energy improvements. Of course, with technical support staff being eliminated from industrial payrolls and critical manufacturing technology being supported by fewer personnel, the concern that an energy project initiative will distract from your plants' productivity is real. However, Energy Pro solves this problem by bringing all human resources to the project. Your team stays focused on what's important . . . productivity.

4. Jobs are Lost
Energy Pro's goal is to eliminate itself, not your employees. In our initial 42-month engagement, our Energy Management Systems become a part of the operating culture of the plant. Our staff provides training to insure continuous results. With significant energy savings and enhanced productivity the result, in essence, we enhance your workers' job security.

5. The Industrial Client Doesn't Understand How Energy Pro Earns Its Income
Energy Pro's Enterprise Optimization Model (EOM) is a proprietary modeling tool consisting of many variables measuring the results of our efforts. Yet, for the EOM to be viable, the client's key personnel have significant input into the review, development and approval of the model. With a client approved EOM incorporated into our contract, you're assured that Energy Pro's compensation based upon a percentage of savings is accurate.